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Welcome to Firehose Docs

Firehose is a blockchain data streaming technology developed by StreamingFast working with The Graph Foundation. The product provides previously unseen capabilities and speeds for indexing such data using a files-based and streaming-first approach.

This documentation serves as the main resource for understanding and working with StreamingFast Firehose.

Where to Start

Firehose Overview is a great place to begin learning about the overall scope, vision, and capabilities of Firehose.

The Concepts & Architecture provides an in-depth look at the decisions that drove the development team's efforts while designing Firehose.

Full source code is available in the official Firehose Github repository.

Learn about Firehose in these short videos and understand how to run a Firehose as an Operator.


Need help? Reach out!

Firehose is an open-source community effort, so feel free to suggest new topics, report issues, and provide feedback wherever it could be helpful. Please contribute through GitHub pull requests.


Please first refer to the general StreamingFast contribution guide for additional information.


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