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Firehose-enabled Node

StreamingFast Firehose Firehose-enabled node component

Firehose-enabled Node in Detail

The Firehose-enabled Blockchain Node is a third-party blockchain node client, such as Ethereum, instrumented under StreamingFast practices to output data that will be read by the Firehose Reader component.
Note: The Reader component will consume the data produced by the Firehose-enabled Blockchain Node.
The Firehose-enabled Blockchain Node runs in tandem with the Reader component. The two components are connected either through a UNIX pipe using stdout, or by having the Reader component's process execute and fork the blockchain client. This is accomplished using the node-manager software included in Firehose.
Blockchain nodes used in this capacity require:
  • very few features,
  • no archive mode capability,
  • no JSON-RPC service,
  • and no indexed data will be queried.
The Firehose-enabled Blockchain Node is responsible for executing all transactions in an order respecting the consensus protocol of the blockchain.