Why integrate StreamingFast Firehose?

From a Layer 1 blockchain core development team’s perspective, making your chain --firehose-enabled brings you and your community the following benefits.

  • Immediate support for Substreams, and its high-speed parallel processing engine.

  • Immediate integration into The Graph, through Substreams-based Subgraphs.

    • Immediate integration into the latest graph-node which can feed directly from the Firehose.

  • Immediate support for dozens of sinks (think loading to PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CDC replication, Kafka, Flink, writing to buckets for ingestion by BigQuery, AWS Redshift, Clickhouse, etc.).

  • Activates a community of developers that already know how to index blockchain data, and are going to be happy to discover your blockchain’s data model and activity.

From a Layer 1’s users’ perspective, you’ll get the following benefits.

  • The capability to quickly index and sift through your favorite blockchain’s history.

  • Stream its output with low latency.

  • Hook it to any data systems you have, trading bots, cross-chain bridges, databases.

  • All of it in an extremely reliable way.

  • Benefit from the anti-fragility brought by The Graph network.

  • Offer an army of indexers to service your network.

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