HOWTO Integrate


Make sure you have a solid understanding of the Firehose Concepts & Architecture..

Review the Principles & Approach documentation to align your integration with the goals of Firehose.

This document walks you through a brand new Firehose integration.

Clone the ACME repo

The ACME repo is the sample repository that you’ll base yourself on for your new integration.

git clone

Next steps will happen within that repository.

Run it

To start your work, make sure you can run the fireacme binary, and have it obtain data from your instrumented blockchain node.

go install -v ./cmd/fireacme

This will install the fireacme binary in your GOPATH, which is normally ~/go/bin. Make sure this path is in your PATH before continuing.

Test with the dummy chain

Modify devel/standard/standard.yaml to point to the dummy chain implementation. Install it from

Integrate your chain

Modify devel/standard/standard.yaml and change the start.flags.mindreader-node-path flag to point to your blockchain node’s binary. Learn more about those parameters in the [Operator’s manual]({{#< ref “/operate/running-the-node” >#}}).

Modify devel/standard/ to

Run it with:

Define types

Go to the proto directory, and modify sf/acme/type/v1/type.proto to match your chain’s types. More details in specs for chain’s protobuf model definitions

Modify the Ingestor’s Read()

Inside codec, is a file called reader.go. This file is the boundary between your process and the firehose’s ingestion process.

Read the source of the ConsoleReader and make sure you understand how it works. This will be the bulk of your integration work.

Do X, Y, Z

Make sure data is produced

As you iterate, check that files are produced under xyz directory.

Rename everything

Pick two names, the long form and short form for your chain, following the naming conventions.

For example:

  • arweave and arw

Then finalize the rename:

  • Rename cmd/fireacme -> cmd/firearw (short form)
  • Search and replace fireacme => firearw (short form)
  • Do massive search and replace from: acme => arweave (long form)

Meanwhile, please follow the this document from

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